CFD Analysis for Cooling Tower & Chiller Yards - Case Study


  • CFD analysis can also be used to study the effect of various design parameters on the performance of cooling equipment, such as the position and orientation of the cooling tower, the size and shape of the water droplets in the spray, the angle and velocity of the air flow, and the type and position of the fill material. By comparing different design alternatives and running sensitivity analyses, CFD can help engineers to identify the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for cooling tower and chiller applications.

    Moreover, CFD can be used to assess the performance of various control strategies for cooling towers and chillers, such as varying the water flow rate, the fan speed, or the spray pattern in response to changing ambient conditions. By simulating the dynamic behavior of the system under different scenarios, CFD can help to optimize the control algorithms and ensure the desired performance and reliability of the equipment.

    Overall, CFD is a powerful tool for analyzing the performance of cooling towers, chillers, and condenser units, and can provide valuable insights for improving their efficiency, reliability, and sustainability.


Modeling & Analysis:

  • CFD analysis can be an invaluable tool for designing and optimizing cooling equipment in buildings. By accurately simulating the flow, thermal behavior, and species transport in the surrounding air and water, engineers can gain insights into how different design strategies may affect the performance of the equipment under various weather conditions. This can help to identify potential issues and optimize the design of cooling towers and chillers yards, as well as assess the impact of nearby buildings and other factors on the system’s performance.


  • Velocity, temperature, and RH profiles at different sections.

  • Percentage of Recirculation in each cooling equipment unit.

  • Design changes at the installation site of these cooling equipment, if required.


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